Jeremy’s Pyramid Scheme

Jeremy’s Pyramid Scheme

07/12/2018 | 9:00 pm, @ Egan’s Ballard Jam House

Jeremy’s Pyramid Scheme is another pebble dropped in the stream of what is classified as music. Though it is not totally in the vein of John Cage, it still has some of his musical elements. Without pretension it is an honor to say that influences come from all things music, mostly within the American improvised genre. This particular set up explores the organ trio/quartet format, however, instead of focusing on standard blues and groove oriented styles, Jeremy’s Pyramid Scheme goes one step further and adds an Ornettian element in which the barline is respected at the highest level.

$10 at the door. Please email

Jeremy Shaskus …….. Saxophone
Nathan Breedlove …….. Trumpet
Joel Bean …….. Organ
Will Lone …….. Drums


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