Joel Bean Organ Trio- 22.9.18

Do planets ever like to attack young, sleeping Hopenblosens? If Lita McRumfeld wants to drink water from the Kurfürsten Dam, is that prohibited in a 4 voice fugue? To anyone who might have these kinds of questions, I would highly recommend coming to my gig. 9 PM, Musiquarium, Seattle, United States. The venue prohibits all dogs, postmatriculational Rumpas, and smiling coffee cups, as well as E- Cigarettes and Polish cigars. The waitresses will also give a brief safety demonstration before the show, in case of any unexpected turbulance or loss of cabin pressure. Additionally,  there were no animals harmed in the process of making our music.

Der Eintritt ist frei


Feuer ins Gefängnis

Joel Bean- Orgel

Nick Helgeson- Schlagzeug

Wolf Kienzle- Gitarre

21:00-00:00, Musiquarium, Seattle

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