Joel Bean is a pianist and organist steeped in the European Jazz/Improvised music, currently based in Seattle, Washington. He has played all around Seattle, as well as at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival , the Monterey Next Gen Jazz Festival, and at clubs in Chicago, Berlin, and other cities. Joel received his undergraduate degree in jazz performance from Cornish College of the Arts (2018) in Seattle, Washington, where he has studied with jazz luminaries such as Dawn Clement, Marina Albero, Randy Halberstadt, and Chuck Deardorf, as well as having studied Gamelan music and Western Classical music. In addition, Joel studied with legendary Seattle/Berlin saxophonist Denney Goodhew, who has opened many doors and avenues musically and spiritually. Joel’s music takes influence from music such as Bach, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, and from numerous other styles and traditions. He has played with musicians such as Rob Scheps, Jim O Connor, Nathan Breedlove, Brent Jensen, Tom Varner, Emily Braden,  and others, as well as with his own groups.




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